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Credits: Vandana Vishnu

Courses Offered

Course Hours Eligibility When
Beginers - B35Eight to Eightyfive Jan-30
Inermediate- I 30 Beginers+ 100 hours of play Feb-21
Advanced-A 30 Int + 3 books + 300 hrs of play Apr-21
Expert- E 25 Tournament Play+ 6 books On Demand

Courses Completed

Madras Cricket Club(MCC) 25 Jashu Jhaveri, Leelavathy K B Feb-16
MCC 20 Ram& Mithraram I Feb-17
MCC 12 Sundar, Bharat, Srivats, Ramesh Feb-18
Madras Gymkana 15 HariPriya, Janet Roy I Apr-19
Sisya School 20 B Nov-18
IIT Madras 12 Vinit Jain, Shaun B Dec-19
Madras Club- MMB1 10 Gowrishankar, Meera Mammen B Apr-19
MMB2 30 Shaji Koshy, Pius Peter, Sara V B Jun-19
MMB3 22 Dr Sushila, Ashok, Ashlin C B Aug-19
MMB4 15 Raman, Priyanka Gulati, Tomy k B Oct-19

About Us


Sunil Samuel Varghese

  • Mechanical Engineer with a Distinction from College of Engineering, Trivandrum, 1984
  • PGDM from IIM-A, 1987, IScol (Rank) 11 in a batch of 180
  • A successful entrepreneur running an SSI for the past 28 years https://www.HeveaEngineers.com
  • Mentor at NIT, Trichy for the Start-up cell for the past 6 years
  • Visiting Faculty at IIM-A and XIME on Entrepreneurship and Start-up Tips
  • Consultant for Strategy and Marketing for 20 years
  • Bridge Guru. Watch my TedX talk on the importance of learning Bridge at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YICFXRPFek0
  • Corporate Magician www.MasterMindMagic.in : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kfhW1w49-yc
  • Debuted in a Santosh Sivan film, Jack & Jill (December 2020 release)

Lata Hari

A retired Montessori teacher, Lata is an expert Bridge player and has been playing the game for the past 20 years. She was born and brought up in Kolkata, which incidentally is the Mecca of Bridge in India. Her passion for Bridge is shared by her husband Hari, who is also her Bridge partner. Together, they enjoy participating in Bridge tournaments across the country and have won several prizes over the years.

Lata believes Bridge is the perfect brain tonic for everyone and loves to teach this wonderful game to more people. Aside from Bridge, Lata enjoys travelling, reading books, stitching and cooking delicious Indian and international cuisines. She lives in Chennai along with her family, and enjoys spending time with her 2 granddaughters.


Other Gurus

Ms. Srihari Varghese


I found Bridge to be a gentleman's game brimming with strategy & tactics but set apart from other games through creative yet devilishly deceitful communications with the partner. It helps combine computing abilities with logic & reasoning and then adds icing to the cake with communications that may be the absolute truth or an outright bluff. This is akin to real life battles where distractions & duplicity are used to outmanoeuvre opponents. The game embodies trust, patience and cooperation in partnerships enabling great partners to bring individual magic into their games. The game is excellent for all, be they be young or old.

people 1
Mr.Pius Peter
Facilities Manager (Ex), Etihad Airways

Hello Friends I am very happy to join the Bridge course along with my wife.It was the best learning happened to me in 2020 a very positive direction we have taken in the Covid pandemic.It helped in my concentration,connecting with my friends,developing new friends in different age groups I will recommend this for everyone.This is must for anyone to come out of any stresses, focus, application of mind and is a continuous learning exercise for the mind. Will recommend for everyone in all age groups,couples,professionals Etc. Thanks for Sunil, Srihari and Sumathi Iyer the Gurus for the excellent lessons and online games.

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Mr.Shaji & His Wife
Senior Vice President (Sales & Marketing), ‎Royal Enfield

This game of bridge has certainly helped me to focus and is a great exercise in “mindfulness “ which is another skill I picked up at a workshop last year . I certainly visually many neuronal and dendritic connections for this new learning , which I certainly think will prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s the twin dreaded health problems in the elderly. There also seem to be evidence that the game could possibly lead to a longevity with a quality of life and some parameters of wholistic health . And are bridge players happier persons with greater social skills ! WISHES — for all Bridge players and all the potential players .

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Dr.Sara Varghese
Retd.Principal, Medical College, Kottayam

I took up to this fascinating game of bridge 3 years ago. It's challenging, addictive, engrossing and hours fly by without you realising it. What a blessing in the Covid lockdown times, as it's played online 24/7 @ Bridge Base.Com. I am ever grateful to my teacher Sunil Verghese and his team for introducing me to this brilliant game of bridge. Sunil and his team are systematic, professional, with excellent communication skills and have patience to teach at any level. Their passion for the game and teaching is unavailable. I have benefited immensely by doing 3 levels of program.Bridge helps you in improving your memory and your thought process for sure. This game involves a lot of strategy, planning, midway assessment and course correction if any, similar to how we approach business or even life, I would say. I wish I had learnt it much earlier in life, but I am glad to be continuing it under the tutelage of excellence - coach Sunil

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Sundar K
Consultant (Operations) & Business Adviser

I learned bridge with mastermind bridge and I enjoyed it. The teachers were patient and the game was fun. It was taken slowly so I understood it well. Thank you

people 1
Keahn Dadbhoy, 8yrs old

Sunil brings passion to the game of Bridge. Happy that he has rekindled my interest in Bridge. A pleasure to relearn Bridge from a Master with more than four decades of dedication to this game.
Truly worthwhile, and highly recommended. Learn Bridge, and learn it from a Pro like Sunil.

people 1
Santosh Valsalam
MD, Nirmala Automobiles, Trivandrum
people 1

I can hear Guruby Sunil’s loud voice reverberating in my ears, even when he is not around, and I have made a mistake in either counting or in recording the cues from the bidding, that is the impact he has a teacher, a guide and a mentor.

The Guru is one of the finest teachers of Bridge with his explanations and one pagers.  A great lesson of Bridge amongst many that he has taught us, is, - In a situation when you are sure to win the hand- be pessimistic, and in a dreary situation be optimistic and take your chances. This is a lesson I am using in so many areas of my life now and it is helping me to achieve all sorts of targets I never thought were within my reach.

Bridge players typically learn alone. However, those who are striving for improved performance usually have a training coach/partner who pushes them to do better. I can’t think of a better teacher than Sunil Guru to drill in the bridge concepts and push each one to achieve their individual potential.

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Priyanka Gulati


Headlines - we did not do as well as we wanted to

Had some big setbacks early in the day today. and could not recover from that. After 20 board pre- lunch we were last. But post lunch was our best play in the tournament we recovered and finished 37 out of 41 pairs. Lot of learnings and improvement areas. We will consolidate and then have a session with you to share our honest assessment of what went, what we could have done better and what still baffles us. Give us this week and then Priyanka and I will get back.

As you had told us we are brain chewed and dead after 40 boards today we are hallucinating about cards trumps and tallies. And another 40 over Friday and Saturday. Took the wind out of us, Intense focus and concentration, but just no regrets. Thank you again - “it was a fabulous experience” - to quote Priyanka. We are committed to play competitive bridge from here on. None of this would have happened without your shove and encouragement. We feel we now have acquired wings and want to fly. Have a wonderful Sunday and will pick your brain and gyan very soon.


people 1
Raman Subramaniam

people 1
Bijoy Paulose
Chairman, VSB Group

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Courses Offered!

Course Hours Eligibility When
Beginers - B35Eight to Eightyfive Jan-30
Inermediate- I 30 Beginers+ 100 hours of play Feb-21
Advanced-A 30 Int + 3 books + 300 hrs of play Apr-21
Expert- E 25 Tournament Play+ 6 books On Demand


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