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Pairing in Bridge - An Art or Science?

Ladies and Gentlemen,

" Pairing in Bridge - An Art or Science? "

Marriages are made in heaven - so they say. In Bridge, marriages are made in minds - or should I say " Mindset "?

Sometimes you end up with strange bed-fellows on the table 🙃 and that results in a divorce, maybe temporary.

My favorite bridge guru, Alfred Sheinwold, said " Partnership is an art! Scientifically, it is!

Some pairs match like gloves in hands, like the Hindi movie title " Rubb ne bana dhi jodi " 😌🥰

When that doesn't happen it is futile to rub the partner at his/ her wrong end - a sure recipe for bridge divorce 😂

It is better to marry someone who likes you rather than fishing for someone you like - sounds weird 🤔 but it is the essence of partnership 😆

Simple example to understand this theory ( my favorite anecdote when I teach management) - is the pairing of bulls in a bullock cart!

For a smooth ride you have to ensure that the beasts are of the same height, weight, temperament and mind set.

Imagine tethering a race horse and a bull in the same yoke - sure recipe for a disaster 😉 , it does makes some " Horse sense " , right?

Bridge is both akin and different to - day to day life . The pairing can impact your imps, no doubt ☺

So think before you " Match - make " - with the right choice you can make a match of your outing 🙂

Happy bridging