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What is your DNA for Bridge?

Ladies and Gentlemen,

" What is your DNA for Bridge? "

Learning to play winning bridge is similar to a lesson in Management, believe me, you 🙂

Bridge has no caste, creed, religion and is common to all blood groups. But your DNA is important for winning!

If you don't have the right DNA, more often instead of drawing blood you will be donating 😅

I am in the mood for a small lesson in management - for those who are in need, of course 🙃

D : is for Diligence. Due diligence is an important excercise in Business and Accounting. It simply means to be Careful, Persistent, Steady and painstaking!

N : Niavete. You can't afford to be naive on the table. If you are playing bridge for " Time pass", it doesn't matter whether you win or lose! Mostly your losing streak comes from lack of experience, wisdom and judgement or all of it 😂

A: stands for Assiduous. Meaning you need to take great care, you must have perseverance, you need to be methodical, careful and persistent, all at the same time 😇

Many a times, you are at cross-roads, whether in bidding, hand play or defence. At a critical juncture you have two options - which way to go - is a Hobson's choice!

Believe me, if two options come to your mind, more often the " First thought " that came to your mind is invariably the " Best " Option! Test it out if you don't believe 😌

You can read a thousand books on bridge including some that teach you how to learn winning bridge in four weeks. But you won't get this management lesson of " DNA" peddled by this blogger!

For that you have to lose enough & more before you start winning 😆

Are you ready for a blood test to find your DNA?

Well if you are not, you will have more blood-shed than what you can draw on the table!

Moral of the story : if you can't play winning bridge, at least play to be happy 😊

Find your DNA fast, the blood thirst hounds are waiting for you in the garb of friendly opponents 😉

Happy bridging ( if not winning),