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Life Lessons in Bridge

My impressions of my Bridge Teacher:

A great lesson of Bridge amongst many that my guru, Sunil Varghese has taught us, is, - “In a situation when you are sure to win the hand- be pessimistic, and in a dreary situation, be optimistic and take your chances.”

This is a lesson I am using in so many areas of my life now and it is helping me to achieve all sorts of targets I never thought were within my reach.

Bridge players typically learn by themselves or with their partners or friends. However, those who are striving for improved performance usually have a training coach/partner who pushes them to do better.

I can’t think of a better teacher than Sunil Guru to drill in the bridge concepts and push each one to achieve their individual potential. My Guru is one of the finest teachers of Bridge with his explanations and one pagers.

I can hear Sunil’s loud voice reverberating in my ears, even when he is not around, and I have made a mistake in either counting or in recording the clues from the bidding. That is the impact he, as a teacher, guide and a mentor has on his students.

Happy Bridging,

Priyanka Gulati