To be creative, smart & Excel in life !!

Bridging with a magical touch

Ladies, Gentlemen & budding Bridgers,

“If you can ‘spell’ it is Magic - If you can ‘count’ it is Bridge!”

By now those of you who are experts or advanced and those who are still learning will concede that the game of Bridge is mesmeric ! It has that magical spell on you that whether you win or lose , you are stupefied !

Magic is an Art ( sometimes Dark 😇) and it can leave you “ spell - bound “ & counting stars . But Bridge is a Science and you need an “ abacus” to master it 😊 and when you do, you count yourself a Star !

For both it is better to go to school , if you can help and afford it . The School for Magic is really “ Unreal” like the Hogwarts of J.K. Rowling , but the School for Bridge is simply real like that of “ Mastermind “ , aka Sunil Varghese !

You learn Magic and cast a spell with a wave of a wand . But to learn the game of bridge you need an abacus of a brain to count ! When you are good at counting , Lo and Behold !- you can do magic on the Bridge table , much to the chagrin of your opponents and pleasure to your partner/ team .

But what a wonder - you use the Magic to mesmerise others but Bridge is a magic spell that leaves you in a trance for the rest of your life ! Believe me , you become a willing addict, involuntarily that is .

After all both Magic and Bridge mean “ Tricks “. In the former you perform a trick , even blind- folded, to the elation of the audience . In the latter , you make tricks keeping your eyes wide open . When you do “ over tricks “ , well , your adversaries are dumb-founded !

As you might have read ,the school of Magic has 4 houses - Gryffindor for bravery / chivalry, Ravenclaw for intelligence / planning , Hufflepuff for hard work / fair play and Slytherin for ambition / cunningness. What a coincidence that the game of Bridge also needs all these ingredients ,not separately but all rolled into one grey matter !

Well ,if you are still searching for that magical potion - called Bridge - to enrich your life , get on line to www.mastermindbridge.co or still better , ping the Magician Sunil himself and cast a spell on him 😊

Happy Bridging with a magical touch,